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Festivities will conclude with the arrival later tonight of wild animals in your bedroom\
So, stout Hermann, reckon you know your wines, eh?
Did the prime minister choose death by drowning?
One Nobel Prize clearly wasn’t enough
What colour is best for your Rolls Royce garbage trucks?
Did the war hero just get tired of living?
Abandoned at birth, in death mourned by millions
Count yourself lucky, Harvard
Regrettably, I cannot accept the expensive, black lace, crotchless undies
The tears of a horse … helped lessen the killing
Your molestation by the PM is scheduled for 2pm in his office
‘A bit mad’ on a military resume, could be just the thing
Mama Marx’s advice to son Karl
Stick around boys and I’ll show ya how to swim
Say buddy … er, like that arrow removed from your face?
Business quirky can definitely be a plus
Being Royal, what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is … well, mine also
Through a booze filled glass darkly
Taking a whiz in the lift will solve nothing
Formula: Adolf + Joe + Mama + Papa = 2Beasts?
You’ve got the job, ugly
Call me a ‘mincing, scent-impregnated it’ and you’re for it!
Any plans before you join the 100 billion?
Best not cock a snook at a Frenchie
Oi, you! … take a message to my dead hubby.
The ginger queen sets out to stick it up the Romans
The president will see you shortly … he’s just finishing towelling off one of his girlfriends
Congrats on your A+ for ‘History of the Knock Shop 101’
Oh yes, after our little chat, quite happy to die
I owe my success to late night boozing with dear old Dad
Songster superstar would rather sing than shag
Quit my job … I’ve predicted next week‘s lotto numbers
Catherine the Great educates her toy boy
Job interview checklist. Haircut. New suit. Testicles removed.
I’ve an idea … let’s all get scarred
Did Her Majesty, God bless ‘er, enjoy ‘a bit of rough’?
Would Winston Churchill gladly join a gay pride march today?
Everyone needs a hobby … why not impaling strangers?
Napoleon liked his girlfriends to be a soap free zone
Was J P Morgan dreamier than Brad Pitt?
Oh heavens yes … I’d much rather do it with a married gal
Any fool knows … educating women is “unnecessary”
Actually, we rather hoped you’d drowned, also
OK, 69 castles … but a marine architect, also?
There’s no denying it … Errol was a very naughty boy
The bakery’s special today is poisoned bread
Getting shot is no excuse for not turning up
British Prime Minister Disraeli’s sparkling wit
Annie Oakley takes aim at Kaiser Bill
Five American sailor brothers lost in one day
Louis XVI has a light breakfast
Winston Churchill and his glow worm
Erskine Childers’ remarkable bravery.
His Grace, the Duke, is in one of his tunnels
Listen up, Cobber … this, was the original ‘Sheila’
Licking conquerors into shape
Can great wealth almost be a curse?
Kingship sometimes can be a bummer
School fees include ‘rioting’ tuition
Famed writer Charles Dickens’ gruesome holiday encounter
How much did the palace cost!!??
Budding billionaire’s beastly boarding school debut
Threat of a Royal cousinly punch settles the Dukedom
Women couldn’t get drunk at all
‘Math geek’ Simpsons’ creators know their history
King Edward VII’s special order, luxury, threesome chair
Just another history grad successful CEO
Samurai life was not all cheerily lopping off heads
The ‘greatest movie ever’ spawns reprisals
The meaning of life … more or less
A Hollywood dreamboat explains what PR is
Only a fool would believe in UFOs, right?
Australia’s ‘Sons of Convicts’ reply to the compliment
The book that ‘made’ the Civil War
Medicine has always been a blood and gore business
Heavily pregnant women and children to be hanged also
JFK tells a pal about his need for girls
An elephant critiques the opera
Lover boy, presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth
Any news today?
Treasure on the royal corpses
Beatle George Harrison invites the Hells Angels over
Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Hari Kari comics?
Pompeii graffiti and royal childhood candle beatings
Facial hair and unsalted eggs
‘Ike’ as publishing deal maker
President Garfield’s killer blames the doctors
Gandhi’s life altering train journey
The Sun King’s little, er, personal problem
Perhaps Admiral Lord Nelson didn’t want a kiss
The ‘roses’ wiped out a third of Europe
King Ludwig and his psychiatrist’s unhappy end
Mark Twain’s celestial arrival and departure
Disembowelling the lawyer might’ve been a tad excessive
The ghastly science of hanging
Some folks just like to conquer
Her Majesty’s foundation bitch
‘Stonewall’ Jackson’s lemons and Secretary Cameron’s red hot stove
Dickie would’ve saved Prince Charles from a disastrous marriage
George Washington was no social butterfly
The modern world’s debt to Ancient Greece
London Bridge did indeed fall down
Medieval battlefields were no place for hugs and kisses
Lawrence of Arabia’s legacy of safety
Ancient Sparta promotes social equality
America comes to the aid of a starving Europe
The quirky side of royalty
US President Lyndon Johnson speaks Vietnamese
Queen Elizabeth has her cousin Queen Mary beheaded
James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s brutal school days
The Zulus regret the French prince’s death
Blind Senator Gore’s promise to America’s mothers
Financial Advice from an English Duke
Japanese tourists choose an interesting destination
Alexander the Great’s not too shabby CV
The Mad Monk Rasputin’s Dreadful Prediction
Lord Cardigan and the heroic charge of the Light brigade
History’s Unluckiest Lovers
When In Doubt, Amputate
What General Eisenhower really thought of General MacArthur
The incredible strength of Russian Tsar Alexander III
The biggest land sale in history, the Louisiana Purchase
French Marshal Petain expresses his liking for food and girls
First black world heavyweight boxing champion and avid motorist Jack Johnson
Abraham Lincoln defends his wife Mary Todd’s honor.
The highs and terrible lows of famed American dancer Isadora Duncan.
King Henry VIII of England rewards his pudding maker.
Walt Whitman – American poet and Civil War leg saver.
Antoine Careme: The Chef of Kings and the King of Chefs.