British Romantic poet Lord Byron subscribed to a highly unusual diet. What did this mainly consist of?

Answer: Vinegar. Byron was obsessed with managing his weight and felt this was best managed by only eating potatoes and biscuits soaked in vinegar. Side effects included vomiting and diarrhoea. Such was Byron’s fame that many others mimicked this unusual diet. The son of Captain John “Mad Jack” Byron, Byron was so good looking that society ladies would swoon when he entered the glittering drawing rooms of Regency London. Born with a malformed foot, he swam across the Hellespont, or Dardanelles, a notoriously turbulent body of open water, in 1810. One of his lovers, Lady Caroline Lamb, famously described him as ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’. Byron died aged 36 in 1824, trying to provoke a revolution in Greece.

Source: Lord Byron by Richard Edgcumbe; General Historical Texts

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