The Austrian Artist Oskar Kokoschka volunteered early into the First World War, determined to aide Austria-Hungary’s fight to avenge the assassination of the heir-apparent, Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This is despite some rather disparaging comments made by Franz Ferdinand about Kokoschka’s expressionist art, which was very experimental at the time. What did he say?

Answer: On being shown a piece of his work, Ferdinand stated, in an observation decidedly not effusive with altruism, that Kokoschka ‘ought to have every bone in his body broken’. While every bone wasn’t broken, Kokoschka was seriously wounded during the First World War, which may possibly have pleased the Archduke, had he himself not been assassinated on June 28, 1914, the event which triggered the war.

Source: The Coming of the First World War by R.J.W Evans and Hartmut Pogge von Strandman

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