What is the tragic tale of Boudicca, also known as Boadicea, first century queen of the ancient Britons?

Answer: Boudicca was Queen of the northern Iceni in Ancient Briton.

Historical accounts described her as a tall, terrifying redhead, and very clever.

In 60 CE, after a particularly brutal assault on her family, an army of over 100,000 Britons under her command launched an attack on Colchester, Rome’s capital in Britain. The city was burnt to the ground killing thousands.

The Roman Legions were called in for retribution and revenge.

According to chroniclers of the time, Boudicca amassed an army of no fewer than 200,000 against the Romans. But this vast force was defeated by a disciplined Roman army of 10,000 using a wedge formation, like the teeth of a saw.

The Britons panicked, and it is believed that some 80,000 died, with Roman losses put at a mere 400.

The slaughter was the result of the Britons being essentially a rampaging, disorderly mob who were cut down by a much smaller force of well organised and disciplined Roman soldiers.

Source: General Historical Texts

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