What was the special relationship that British 19th century prime minister Benjamin Disraeli had with Queen Victoria?

Answer: One of the most famous British prime ministers was Benjamin Disraeli. Of Jewish heritage he was flamboyant, a brilliant debater and a favourite of Queen and Empress Victoria.

He had written novels in his early years and would flatter Queen Victoria, who had had her highland memoirs published, by saying to her, ‘we authors, Maam.’

Disraeli said that ‘All of us likes flattery … but with royalty, you have to lay it on with a trowel.’

Victoria was grief-stricken at the death of her husband Albert and mourned the loss for forty years. Her grief and seclusion was so intense that she eventually had to be reminded of her duties to the nation and empire as sovereign. When Disraeli was on his deathbed in 1881, she went to pay a last visit to him.

When told that her majesty had arrived, to say goodbye, Disraeli, ever witty to the end said, ‘Oh no, best not, she will probably only want me to take a message to Albert.’

Source: The Lion and the Unicorn – Gladstone vs. Disraeli by Richard Aldous

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