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Why ‘Wow’? Because history has a ‘Wow’ factor. History is rich in fascinating and inspiratonal incidents and events. Stories of heroism, self-sacrifice, humor, arrogance, foolishness, victory against the odds, the cruel hand of fate, irony and nobility.

History’s got the lot. Since 2012, HistoryWow’s aim has been to bring you some of these fascinating and inspirational incidents and events, in a short, sharp format. A little bit of history every day. But not enough to overload your busy lifestyles. We hope you enjoy HistoryWow!

History Question of the Day

During the 1860s Joseon, modern-day Korea, was incredibly suspicious of western nations and their desire to trade. What did Joseon leader Heungseon Daewongun (1820-1898) decide to do to ensure Joseon subjects were aware of this?

The answer tomorrow.

Yesterday's question and answer:

In 1863 which American military figure became the youngest general in the history of the U.S. Army, despite having graduated last in his class at West Point?

Answer: George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876). George B. McClellan promoted him to the temporary rank of brigadier general.

Source: Piercing the Fog of War by Brian L. Steed

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History Question of the Week

According to British historian Eric Hobsbawm, who through their actions invented the concept of “the politician as a saint”?

The answer on Thursday.

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Last week's question and answer:

Which Chinese dynasty, through the so called ‘Oracle Bones’, offer us the first written records of China?

Answer: The Shang Dynasty (1556-1046 BCE).

Source: History of Chinese Philosophy by Bo Mou

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