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Why ‘Wow’? Because history has a ‘Wow’ factor. History is rich in fascinating and inspiratonal incidents and events. Stories of heroism, self-sacrifice, humor, arrogance, foolishness, victory against the odds, the cruel hand of fate, irony and nobility.

History’s got the lot. Since 2012, HistoryWow aims to bring you some of these fascinating and inspirational incidents and events, in a short, sharp format. A little bit of history every day. But not enough to overload your busy lifestyles. We hope you enjoy HistoryWow!

History Question of the Day

Which two American states went to war with each other in 1835?

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Yesterday's question and answer:

In the context of the Second World War, what was ‘Operation Unthinkable’?

Answer: The code name for two plans involving conflict between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union in 1945. The Soviet Union had been allies of the West during World War Two. The first involved an Allied surprise attack on Soviet Union forces in East Germany, while the second was a defensive plan if the Soviets themselves attacked Allied positions. Highly secretive, the plans were not made public until 1998.

Source: Operation Unthinkable by Jonathan Walker

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Which Chinese city, a capital of nine dynasties, is known as the cradle of Chinese civilisation?

The answer on Thursday.

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Last week's question and answer:

How tall was King John the First of England, and what is wrong with this question?

Answer: Five feet, five inches.

Source: A History of the English People by Paul Johnson

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