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Why ‘Wow’? Because history has a ‘Wow’ factor. History is rich in fascinating and inspirational incidents and events. Stories of heroism, self-sacrifice, humor, arrogance, foolishness, victory against the odds, the cruel hand of fate, irony and nobility.

History’s got the lot. Since 2012, HistoryWow’s aim, using only the finest historical reference material, has been to bring you some of these fascinating and inspirational incidents and events, in a short, sharp format. A little bit of history every day. But not enough to overload your busy lifestyles. We hope you enjoy HistoryWow!

History Question of the Day

In 1983 a historian gave an unusual reason for the fall of the Roman Empire. What was it?

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Yesterday's question and answer:

What was the earliest known culture in Japan?

Answer: The Jomon (10,500-300 BCE). While theoretically hunter-gatherers, evidence suggest the Jomon were more settled and sophisticated than many other cultures of this time. This is demonstrated by their pottery, among the earliest examples in human history.

Source: Globalising the Prehistory of Japan by Ann Kumar

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History Question of the Week

What was the name of the medieval empire that ruled half of France, all of England and parts of Ireland and Wales from 1154-1214?

The answer on Thursday.

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Last week's question and answer:

Which dynasty ruled China from 1368-1644 and is known for its many achievements, including the construction of the Forbidden City and the voyages of admiral Zheng He?

Answer: The Ming dynasty.

Source: China - Ancient Culture, Modern Land by Robert Murrowchick

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Japan’s Sakoku (closed country) policy, enacted from 1639 to 1853, was not the result of shogunate power policy but a genuine action to combat the threat to native Japanese culture. What do you think?


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