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History’s got the lot. Since 2012, HistoryWow’s aim, using only the finest historical reference material, has been to bring you some of these fascinating and inspirational incidents and events, in a short, sharp format. A little bit of history every day. But not enough to overload your busy lifestyles. We hope you enjoy HistoryWow!

World War One caused by English Medical Incompetence

Tens of millions died as a result of the cataclysm that was the First World War.

Our groundbreaking research here argues that English medical incompetence was the cause of the horrific events of 1914 to 1918.

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In the year 397 CE, a law from Ancient Rome banned what?

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Yesterday's question and answer:

The Persian proverb “either the throne, or the coffin” defined the brutal wars of succession that regularly took place between brothers in which South Asian imperial dynasty?

Answer: The Mughal Empire. It was not uncommon for two, three or even four brothers to fight brutal conflicts lasting years over the succession – even when their emperor father remained alive.

Source: India in the Persianate Age 1000-1765 by Richard M. Eaton

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In the first month of 1912, China had three possible rulers. Who were they?

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Last week's question and answer:

The first permanent settlement by English settlers in North America was founded in 1620. True or false?

Answer: False. While Plymouth colony was founded in 1620, the Jamestown settlement in modern day Virginia was founded first, in 1607.

Source: Savage Kingdom - The True Story of Jamestown, 1607, and the Settlement of America by Benjamin Woolley
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The British bombing of Nazi Germany during the Second World War (1939-1945) targeted whole cities and districts, rather than specific targets, in the hope of breaking the morale of the population. While this remains controversial, it can be argued that the approach was successful. What do you think?

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Alfred J. Lotka (1880-1949)

American bio-mathematician. He studied at European and American universities and became an actuary. He published major studies on the mathematical implications of biological and social change, such as ageing and population growth, and in one study anticipated anthropogenic climate change.

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