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Why ‘Wow’? Because history has a ‘Wow’ factor. History is rich in fascinating and inspiratonal incidents and events. Stories of heroism, self-sacrifice, humor, arrogance, foolishness, victory against the odds, the cruel hand of fate, irony and nobility.

History’s got the lot. HistoryWow aims to bring you some of these fascinating and inspirational incidents and events, in a short, sharp format. A little bit of history every day. But not enough to overload your busy lifestyles. We hope you enjoy HistoryWow!

History Question of the Day

Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, the Prospect of Whitby and Ye Olde Cock Tavern are all types of what, and why are they linked?

The answer tomorrow.

Yesterday's question and answer:

What was the secret of the success of the Rolls Royce car in the early years of the last century?

Answer: It was run by two men with very different but complementary skills. Sir Charles Rolls was a flamboyant, aristocratic sportsman. And Henry Royce was a dour and meticulous engineer.

Source: The Victorians by BBC television

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History Question of the Week

What was the name of the ransom paid by England to the King of Denmark, first paid during the reign of Ethelred the Unready, in order to prevent Danish attacks?

The answer on Thursday.

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Last week's question and answer:

Which prestigious British institution was founded in 1768, and whose first president was Joshua Reynolds.

Answer: The Royal Academy of Arts

Source: School of Genius by James Fenton

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