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World War One caused by English Medical Incompetence

Tens of millions died as a result of the cataclysm that was the First World War.

With the 100th anniversary of the end of the war recently commemorated, the attached groundbreaking new research argues that English medical incompetence was the cause of the horrific events of 1914 to 1918.

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Propaganda and image play a big part in any politicians’ life. Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was no exception. He was often photographed shirtless and sweating, working in a field or performing some other perceived macho activity.

In other times he was captured by the lens posturing theatrically in a bemedaled uniform on a balcony before a large massed audience. What was unusual about one propaganda photo shown of him playing chess?

The answer tomorrow.

Yesterday's question and answer:

Brothels or bordellos have an interesting history in the human experience. What are some aspects of this?

Answer: Historical evidence suggests that the first brothels were in Ancient Sumeria over 4000 years ago, although they also existed in Ancient Egypt.

Bordellos could be found in the temples of Babylon, while in Ancient Greece they were run by the state.

The Ancient Greek historian Herodotus said in the fifth century BC that a Greek prostitute named Rhopopis (Ro-Pop-Sis) was so accomplished at her trade in Egypt she built a pyramid from her earnings.

Sex was a marketable commodity among the Romans. Waitresses in taverns usually sold sexual services.

In London in Elizabethan times, the sale of sex prospered and Southwark was the red-light district, where brothels were generally whitewashed.

In Paris, by the late 1600s, there were calls for a medical examination of sex workers and for them to wear a distinct dress with a badge.

Initially legal in the United States, prostitution was outlawed in almost all states between 1910 and 1915 thanks to the efforts of concerned Women’s Christian groups.

Luxury loving Sybarite French novelist Gustave Flaubert wrote enthusiastically of Egypt’s bordellos on his visit there in 1850 and waxed lyrical about the properties of a particular courtesan named Kuchak Hanem.

Although, modesty precludes us from saying exactly what he liked about her.

Source: General Historical Texts

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Prior to World War One Russia experienced an economic boom, one of the characteristics of which was a flourishing stock market. In the country’s 1913 census how many Russians said they were involved in the market.

Answer: Some 40,000 described their occupation as ‘stock market speculator’. Within four years, the capitalist system would be crushed, and a brutal communist regime installed which excoriated private ownership of assets.
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Source: 1914 by Paul Ham
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